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Food Truck for the end of the year parties!!!

Every year since 2014, we propose to highlight good and tasty Street Food concept in the middle of your Xmas events or staff parties...

So why don't you try to organize end of the year party with some mini burgers for exemple? Contact us for details and bookings


Follow our Food Truck and enjoy our street food

Wednesday, 13 December

Fermeture exceptionnelle
11:30 to 15:00
Thursday, 14 December
11:30 to 14:00
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Thursday, 14 December Aérogolf Findel Senningerberg

Aérogolf Findel Senningerberg
Thursday, 14 December
18:00 to 21:00
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Thursday, 14 December Zoufftgen (FR)

Zoufftgen (FR)
Friday, 15 December
12:00 to 14:00
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Friday, 15 December Private Event

Private Event
Monday, 18 December
11:30 to 14:00
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Monday, 18 December Allegro & Ballade Kirchberg

Allegro & Ballade Kirchberg

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For your business or private events, our food truck is at your disposal to brighten your parties.

Order by SMS

To save time, you can order by SMS indicating the dishes, the schedule and your name (SMS received before 11:30 am)

SMS      (+352) 621 451 431


Fresh products of high quality,
tasty and homemade street food